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Caring Dental Services


  • Gum Disease Treatments
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Scaling & Root Planning

Gum Disease Treatments

Treatment for gum disease depends on the severity of the individual. Treatment typically falls into two categories: Nonsurgical and Surgical. Non-surgical treatments include scaling, root planning and antibiotics. Surgical treatments can be as simple as Flap surgery – which includes making tiny incisions in your gums; to something as complicated as bone grafting. Your path of treatment is to the discretion of your dentist and the severity of the disease.

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning or periodontal scaling and root planning has similarities from a typical hygienists’ cleaning, except a deep cleaning focuses on the outer surface of the roots and below the gum line.

Scaling & Root Planning

Scaling is treatment used to remove tartar from your tooth surfaces and beneath your gums. This act is performed using a metal tool called a scaler, a laser, or an ultrasonic device. Root planning involves a scaling of the root surface to smooth the rough areas. Smooth root surfaces discourage buildup of tartar and bacteria, which prevents inflammation.